Iroquois Music Workshop: Sharing Music of Culture with Youth

Artist: Nakita “Yakow^natet” Tepoltnakita yakow tepolt


About the Artist
Nakita Tepolt, who also goes by the name “Yakow^natet,” was born and raised in the traditional way of the Haudenosaunee or Iroquois people. She is a member of the Oneida Nation. Nakita has taken on the teachings passed down by her mother, Kal^nakehtskwas Niko Daniels, who spent years learning and teaching Iroquois music and dance to the community. Her goal is to educate not only students but teaching staff as well. Through song and dance of her people she teaches the lesson of diversity acceptance, history, culture and socialization of all ages, gender and people.

4-Day Residency
Students will learn two social dance songs. They will learn the format of the song, how to use the water drum and cow horn rattles, dance steps, and be able to perform these two social dance songs independently.

Full Day Workshop
Students will work with the artist to learn three verses of one social dance. The group will all experience the opportunity to sing and dance together in a social dance simulation.

Classroom Performance
The artist will hold one 30-45 minute performance. In the performance she will be teaching the basics of a selected social dance song. Students will be interacting minimally.

Assembly/Large Performance
The artist will assemble a group of performers to perform 30-45 minutes of Iroquois social dances. Students will have the opportunity to sing or dance along.

Teacher In-Service Program
The artist will teach 15-20 teachers how to teach Lah^teshu (the Snake dance) from start to finish. Teachers will learn their personal introduction in Oneida Language. The curriculum includes but is not limited to:
1. History of the song
2. Five verses
3. Dance steps
4. Self-introduction in Oneida Language
5. Introduction to the song (optional)

SEEDS Artist Rates
4-Day Residency (4-full days, 5 hours min. each day) $1,500.00
Full Day Workshops Rate (5 hours min.) $400.00 $400.00
Classroom Performance (45-90 min., 50+ students) $150.00
Assembly/Large Group Performance (45-90 min., 200+ students) $500.00
2nd Assembly/Large Group Performance (back-to-back, 45-90 min., 200+ students) $150.00
Teacher In-Service Program $500.00
*Can apply for performance(s) or residency, but not both.

Cost to School/Non-Profit Organization
1. Any negotiated amount exceeding SEEDS grant eligible rate.
2. Mileage
3. Supplies
4. Lodging, if needed

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