SEED Grant Information:
A grant program for schools & community groups

Planting Seeds of Knowledge (SEEDS) is a grant program for Wisconsin schools and other community groups to work with qualified Native Artists in interactive and engaging residencies, workshops and performances. Our Artists are trained to work in educational settings with teachers and students, integrating curriculum, creativity, and culture.

Grant Cycle: August 1 - April 14

Funding for these grants is made possible by a grant from the Wisconsin Arts Board and the Oneida Tribe of Indians. For more info, email Kim Wurst or call (920) 496-5256.

Grant Guidelines

  1. Funding is available on a first come, first served basis from August 1 to April 14 each fiscal year or until funds are depleted.
  2. Schools may apply for up to 100% of the approved artist fees at the SEEDS eligible funding.  Nonprofit organizations may apply for up to 75% of the approved artist fees at SEEDS eligible funding.
  3. Schools/organizations may apply for up to $3,000 in SEED grants per school year.
  4. Complete, signed application & grant agreement must be received by the ONAP at least 4 weeks prior to the proposed engagement.
  5. Applications are accepted in the order received. One application per artist.
  6. Other things to remember:

  • Mileage, lodging, some supplies, and special arrangements with artists are the responsibility of the applying school district or organization.
  • Grant checks are made out and sent to the school or organization.
  • The school/organization is responsible for issuing a check to the artist on the last day of the engagement.
  • The Artist’s invoice (including approved artist fee, mileage, & any other agreed upon fees) will be sent two weeks before the engagement.
  • Schools/organizations in "Good Standing” with ONAP remain eligible for SEEDS grants each year; therefore, those that have received funding, but have not submitted final evaluation and a complete schedule, are ineligible to receive funding the following school year.  
  • Funding is for educational activities only. Though "career days, school enrichment days, and classroom guests" are wonderful, we do not fund these sorts of activities.
  • Only artists from SEEDS roster are eligible for grant funding.
  • Oneida Nation schools are not eligible for funding.


SEEDS Artist Rates
4-Day Residency (4-full days, 5 hours min. each day) $1,500.00
Full Day Workshops Rate (5 hours min.) $400.00 $400.00
Classroom Performance (45-90 min., 50+ students) $150.00
Assembly/Large Group Performance (45-90 min., 200+ students) $500.00
2nd Assembly/Large Group Performance (back-to-back, 45-90 min., 200+ students) $150.00
Teacher In-Service Program $500.00
*Can apply for performance(s) or residency, but not both.

How to Apply

  • 1. Get a couple of fun people together to talk about bringing an Artist to your school and review our Artists. When you have a couple of good ideas . . .
  • 2. Contact Kim Wurst to check on availability of funds. She'll also help you get in contact with the Artists if needed. E-mail Kim Wurst or call at 920-496-5256.
  • 3. Contact the Artist to brain storm ideas for integrating curriculum and creating a dynamite residency (see "Talking to the Artist" sheet for questions to ask). Work out the idea and secure a date, time, grade level, number of students, and cost.
  • 4. Fill in the application for each Artist you would like to bring to your school.
  • 5. Send in the application using the information on the application at least FOUR (4) weeks before the engagement.

Talking to the Artist

  • 1. Questions to ask the Artist are:
    • Describe some of the programs you (Artist) have done in the schools.
    • What are the ages of children you have worked with in presenting your program?
    • How long does it usually take to do the project? (How many days and hours per day per group of kids?)
    • How many students can you work with during a session?
    • How many classes a day are you able to do?
    • What sort of supplies will we need? (will the Artist provide some of the supplies?)
    • What sort of space will you need?
    • Do you need access to water?
    • Will you need any sound equipment?
    • What dates are you available?
    • What can we expect as an outcome of the project?
    • Will the child make something to take home? Or is it a group project?
    • What do you expect from the hosting teacher? (i.e. will the teacher need to do finish the project or will the teacher need to prepare the students before the Artist arrives?)
  • 2. Things to share with the Artist
    • Special lessons that should be reinforced by the Artist's presentation.
    • Current school issues you may want the Artist to touch upon.
    • Information about any special needs children – their needs and how the Artist may need to adapt.
    • Information about the school day, time you start, lunch periods, dress codes (anything that might be helpful for the Artist to know before coming to your school.)
    • Directions to your school.
  • 3. Establish the date, time, and expectation for the residency with the Artist.
    • How many students per workshop.
    • Is it a group project or individual projects?
    • Number of workshops.
    • How long will it take to complete?
    • What should the school supply?
  • 4. Get ready for the Artist
    • Provide good directions to your school.
    • Provide clear time information. "Clear time" is the time you would like the Artist to arrive at the school, not the time they are presenting.
    • Be sure to GET the Artist's cell phone number and be sure to GIVE the Artist a good number to reach you, in case anything happens at the last minute.

Once we apply, then what happens?

  • 1. The building principal and contact person will receive an award or decline e-mail within two weeks of submission of the application and grant agreement.
  • 2. If you receive the grant, your school will receive a check and the Artist's invoice from the Oneida Nation Arts Program. The artistic invoice will include artist fee, mileage, & any other agreed upon expenses.
  • 3. The SEED Grant check will be sent to the school, two to three weeks from the date you received the e-mail award letter.
  • 4. Get a check ready for the Artist. It is the school's responsibility to issue a check to the Artist on the last day of the residency.

What happens after the residency?

  • 1. Please submit an artist evaluation form and completed schedule form to ONAP. Be sure that lead teachers and administrations or coordinators evaluate the presentation. We also enjoy hearing how the students liked the presentation.
  • 2. Share the experience in your school newsletter or community newspaper or tell your legislator. Spread the word about the cool things you are doing in your school (Please be sure to mention the Wisconsin Arts Board and Oneida Tribe of Indians as funders!) We also enjoy seeing any press or coverage you receive!
  • 3. Start thinking about the next one!

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