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Oneida Nation Art Board (ONAB)

Night Sun Above The World Tree: an Iroquois Design

The advisory board, Oneida Nation Arts Board, (ONAB) is a seven member board. The board maintains a diverse perceptive and varied expertise, including tribal and non tribal members, artist and arts supporters. The board meets on the first Tuesday of each month at 5:00pm at the Oneida Nation Community Education Center (CEC), 2632 South Packerland Drive, Green Bay, WI, 54313. Click the link for the ONAB bylaws.

For more info, please contact the Oneida Boards, Committees, and Commissions staff at (920) 869-4364 or email: boards@oneidanation.org .

Oneida Nation Arts Board (ONAB) Members:

Member Term Member Term

Dawn Walschinski, Chair


Susan Danforth, Vice Chair


Mary Vvalter Member


Mercy Metoxen Member


Xavier Horkman Member


Christopher Powless Member


Kirby Metoxen BC Liaison


Jennifer Webster BC Liaison Alternate


The Oneida Nation Arts Program (ONAP) mission Is to promote diverse artistic expression within the community reflecting our heritage and spirit of future generations.

ONAP provides diverse and comprehensive arts programs that feature, support and develop the Oneida creative spirit by celebrating, challenging, and promoting the individual.ONAP supports and encourages creative expression that embrace our heritage, comment on the present, and illuminate the future.

A founding member of the Oneida Nation Arts Board remembers gathering around a kitchen table in the 1970s discussing art and ways of supporting each other in developing art in the community. In 1994, more than twenty years after that initial meeting the Oneida Nation Arts Program, ONAP was established as an agency within the Oneida Tribe of Indians in Wisconsin in the Governmental Services Division.

The Oneida Nation Arts Program (ONAP) is one of a few Native American tribal arts agency in the country. ONAP is part of a movement to rebuild the community's spirit, to heal and rejuvenate the creative voice in the community, and to share their unique forms of expressions with others. ONAP promotes and nurtures artist in five art fields: music, fine arts, dance, drama, and literature as well as traditional and contemporary Native American arts & crafts. Contact: Oneida Nation Arts Program (920) 490-3832. Email: Webmaster

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