Yukhika-lathse Journal Archive

Issue 6 (published in 2010)

Indian Wars, by Denise Sweet
Fighting the Mascot Wars, by group poem
Cory Story, by Lotni
Leaves, by Jonathan Corn Sr.
The Entity, by Jonathan Corn Sr.
Eddie, by Jonathan Corn S.r
Theodore Puckee Jr, by Lorraine Jessepe
November Requiem, by Lorraine Jessepe
Spirit Rock, by Louis T. Webster
Big Reservation in the Sky, by Mildred Tinker Schuman
Untitled, by Mildred Tinker Schuman
Message from Mother, by Mildred Tinker Schuman
Joyous Work, by Mildred Tinker Schumna
Between the Nodes, by Mildred Tinker Schuman
Lanya?takwas, by C.J. Doxtator
At the Delevan Lake Powwow, by Shakoya-tuhe 

Issue 5 (published in 2009)

Katsisyaka?waks, by Lucy Rose Johns
Little Luna, by Michael Charette
Fare Well, by Michael Charette
The Book of the Law, by Dawn Karima Pettigrew
The Sojourn of Judgement, by Dawn Karima Pettigrew
She Is, by Shirley Tourtillot
Labor Pains, by Shirley Tourtillot
Memorials, by Richie Plass
Dancing at Lac Vieux Desert, by Gladyce Nahbenayash
Waabooz, by Frank Cobb
Remembering Ed Two Rivers, by Jim Stevens
Garage Hideaway, by Ed Two Rivers
Canoe Country Boy, by Ed Two Rivers
Chosen Fire in his Soul, by Ed Two Rivers
Profiled Subersive, by Ed Two Rivers
Rough Moments, by Ed Two Rivers
October’s Poem, by Ed Two Rivers
The Last War Party, by Ed Two Rivers
Top Hat, by Ed Two Rivers

Issue 4 (published in 2008)
Mama, by Shirley Tourtillot
Bear Goddess, by Shirley Tourtillot
Eagles in the Sky, by Helen E Doxtater
Dad, by Rose Melanik
Are We Becoming a “Lug-less” Society? By Guyaushk (James E Pete)
A Peek and Free Coke, by Christopher Powless
On the Train, by Gail Moran Wawrzyniak
Video Phantasm, by Melanie Ellis
Sovereign Savage! by Ed Two Rivers
Isurus Glaucus, by Dell Konieczko
Muse of the Multiverse, by Alice Azure
Cahokia Collects and Responses, by Alice Azure
A Tribute to an Elder of the Past, by Thelma Cornelius McLester
My Moccasins, by Natasha Cottrell
Tracks of a Ford, by Maurice Kenny
La Regeneracion, by Narciso L Aleman
Canoe Country Boy, by Ed Two Rivers
What the World Would be like if it was Ruled by a Little Flirting Girl, by Jacob Vainio
Upon Reflection, by Todd Norton
Issue 3 (published 2007)

Gookomisinaan, by Laura Pederson
Dad, by Kanatihol Hill
Rez Ball, by Kanatihol Hill
To My Shadow, by Dakota Webster
Spilling, by Shadow Ly Webster
Necommis Shared, by Migizikwe
In the Second Beyond Stillness, by Migizikwe
A Good Ol’ Girls Memories, by Diane Jourdan
Proud to be Me, Drug and Alcohol Free, by Cynthia A Thomas
The Fear of Creation, by Kiona McDaniel
Oneida Helper’s Society, by Thelma Cornelius McLester
Grandmother, by Kim Wensaut
Rain, by Kim Wensaut
Shawl Woman, by Asani Charles
I Come Out De River, by Asani Charles
Ceremonial Death Dance, by Selene G Phillips
We Are, by Beverly Rubio
Sneak-up, (Excerpt from To Dance it to Pray) by April E Lindala
Two Step, (Excerpt from To Dance it to Pray) by April E Lindala
Bad Memory, by Joseph Bruchac
Within the Lodget, by Joseph Bruchae
Memories of Grace’s Floor, by Dawn Walschinski
Issue 2 (published 2006)

Jon’s Journey, by Naomi Rachel Caldwell
Fermenting the Oral Tradition, by Louis Vincent Clark III
Fantasy in Flight, by Helen E Doxtater
Behind These Walls, by Dreamer
Turtle, by Lucy Rose Johns
Wolf, by Maurice Kenny
Bear, by Maurice Kenny
Up North Menu, by Gladyce Nahbenayash
On My Way to the Thundering Place, by Gladyce Nahbenayash
Jus’ Yesterday, by Todd Norton
Camelot, by Richie Plass
Sweating for Survival, by Melissa Pope
The Ride, by Christopher Powless
Borders, by Ed Two Rivers
Sacred Drum, by Beverly Archiquette Rubio
End of the Line, by Carol K Spencer
Cahokia Blues, by Jim Stevens
Ballad of a Dry Chicken Breast, by Dawn Walschinski
Vision, by Donna Ysebaert

Issue 1 (published 2005)

Coyote, by Reggie “Pohegan” Acquin
Interim, by Beverly Archiquette Rubio
It’s Where, by Austin Bartold
What We Learn From Red Lake, by Kim Blaeser
Zero Tolerance, by Jose Boner
For the Old Ones, by Louis Clark III
The Ruth Baird Story: 1905-1995, by Madelyn Cornelius Genskow
One Winter Night, by Helen E Doxtater
Great Grandma Caroline, by Julie Edler
Letter to the Ghost Land, by Bruce King
Deep Loss, by Rosemary Nalanik
Times of Refuge, by Shawn Morino
Grandmother Never Spoke in Broken Sentences, by Barbara E Munson
My Father’s Feet, by Gladyce Nahbenayash
My Grandma’s Braid, by Tia Owen
The Four Hills of Life, by Thomas D Peacock
Can You Name the Raindrops, by Richie Plass
Ishkode iikwe (fire woman), by Melissa Pope
Something to Remember, by Joseph Reed
Yoyale Tyehas (She Brings Good Things – Good She Brings), by Jennifer Stevens
Lake Superior, by Jim Stevens
Indian Wars, by Denise Sweet
The Flutist (dedicated to Louie Webster), by Ed Two Rivers
Sucker Tag, by Chris Walschinski
Untitled, by Renee L Webster
Warriors for the People, by Barb Wisneski
Proud, by Donna Ysebaert

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