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Oneida Arts Campkids at art table

Improve your art skills and learn more about cultural arts as you work on projects in metal, design, bead work, and painting. Request a scholarship.
Dates: Monday-Friday June 18-June 22; 1:00-5:00pm
Location: Arts Cottage; 1270 Packerland Dr, Green Bay WI 54304.
Info: (920) 496-5260 or (920) 490-3833
Ages: 9-14
Fee: *$30
Register online on the CEC website.

Music from Our Culturearts summer camp

Our most popular camp is back again with a dynamic team of music teachers from voice, piano, guitar, flute, powwow drum, and water drum to make some noise, sing out loud and proud, and change the world. MOC is a music education program. The children perform at the Oneida Youth Singers for various events and occassions. Request a scholarship.
Dates: Monday-Thursday July 23-August 9; 9:00-12:30pmLocation: Arts Cottage; 1270 Packerland Dr, Green Bay WI.
Info: (920) 496-5260 or (920) 490-3833
Ages: 7-14
Fee: *$30
Register Online on the CEC website.


Scholarships are available for students with proof of free or reduced lunch for the 2018-2019 school year. The letter must be attached to the scholarship application to be considered. With scholarship, camps are $10 each. For more info, call Beth (920) 490-3833 or send email with "scholarship request" in the Subject line.

KLU Offers Small Group Lessons

The Kanithotiysa Latiwaythtas Ukwehuwehnha (KLU) is a one-to-one Oneida language program. KLU is an Oneida phrase that means "young people learning our ways." This is a branch off of the Music of our Culture (MOC) program and sponsored by the Oneida Nation Arts Program.

The KLU is for our children to learn a good foundation of Oneida culture, music, and language. It includes private and small group lessons in preparation for the Oneida Social Dance and celebrations featuring the KLU student. The program is free of cost based upon completion of program and student’s social celebration. View a video of two KLU students who learned a social dance song this year: Women's Danceschool concert

Some of the KLU students participated in Friendship Concerts at local schools and other gatherings in Green Bay and Oneida, WI this past school year. They also demonstrated what they learned in KLU by hosting small Social Dance gatherings for their families and friends. The advanced KLU students will travel this year to present KLU Friendship Concerts.

For more information or questions please contact Yuntle McLester at 920-496-5252 ext. 3834 or by email


Student Basketmaking Apprenticeship

Basket with star design

The Oneida "Twashe?nutslu.nihe? Basket Guild" is offering basketry apprenticeships to 8 middle and high school students. The apprenticeship will start on Saturday, February 6, 2013, 10:00 am - 3:pm. Teen apprentices will make a basket similar to the photo on the right.

The apprenticeship is open to all middle and high school students. Basket guild members will receive copies of the questionnaries at their next monthly meeting and choose their apprentices based on questionnaires. The students will be notified of the results by January 18, 2013

All supplies and instruction are free. The Twashe?nutslu.nihe? Basket Guild is offering this program through a Dollars for Art Grant provided by the Wisconsin Arts Board and Oneida Nation Arts Program. For more info: Christine at ONAP (920) 490-3833 or by email or the Basket Guild President Tyanne at email.

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Singing Life back into the Tribal Community

childrens choirImagine an Oneida community where everyone can sing songs in the Oneida language and share those songs with their children and grandchildren. Imagine a place where Oneida people will know tribal traditions for much longer. This Oneida can be a reality and it is starting to take shape in the Oneida Nation Arts Program (ONAP) through the Music from Our Culture (MOC) apprenticeship program for teens and adults.

Don’t miss this rewarding opportunity to be a part of something fun, cultural, and educational. The MOC apprenticeship program meets every Tuesday from 5:00pm-7:00pm in the Oneida Arts Program, located at 1270B Packerland Drive, Green Bay, WI. 

As a unique culture training program, the MOC apprenticeship gathers Oneida community members who want to learn traditional Oneida traditional music and dance, Oneida Hymns, and some Oneida language. It offers an exciting new way to rejuvenate the Oneida community with our own traditional music. This program has the potential to mend our cultural bridge and bring a diverse community together in a way only music can.  

Once training is completed, ONAP offers a broad spectrum of opportunities from teaching certifications to potential paid performances, or just a personal interest in learning more about Oneida culture, songs, and dances.

ONAP collaborated with community members well versed in Iroquois social songs and the Oneida Hymns. Together, these seasoned singers offer a comprehensive apprenticeship program for adults and young adults, ages 16 and up, who are interested in learning music from the Oneida culture.  

MOC is gladly accepting rolling admissions and will be teaching interested community members through March 2013.  For more info, call Beth at 920-490-3833 or by email.

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Heartfull Quilt Project
heartfull quilt

"Our Ancestors – The Stars"
2012 July Cultural Arts Camp
Oneida Nation Arts Program

Thirty-nine youth, ages 6 through 13 created this quilt for public display during a 2-week cultural arts camp. It was inspired by the Oneida people’s involvement in the Civil War. One out of ten Oneidas went to war, many of whom never returned to Oneida.

The flames represent the fire in each of us, the sparks are the children from this camp, and the stars are our ancestors.

Artists helping the children create this quilt were: Coleen Bins, Pat Ehrenberg, and Toni House. The interns who helped are Leah Baird, Mercy Metoxen, Dezhoni Anton, Enos Anton, Reva Webster, and Jalessa Caldwell.

We are one family, connected throughout time. We are self-reliant and interdependent, working hard for ourselves and sharing with others. We are thankful for having all that we have.

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