Metal Smith and Traditional Native Artistcoleen bins

Artist: Coleen Bins
Telephone: 920-621-7343

About the Artist
From corn husk dolls and silver brooches to beadwork and dream catchers, Coleen Bins is a gifted artisan in traditional and contemporary Native and Iroquois adornments and crafts. For Iroquois people, the jewelry, clothing, and beadwork they wore represented stories and legends. As Coleen opens her bag, learn about the many different kinds of adornment, history, and symbolism. Presentations range from demonstrations to on-hands workshops to longer residencies where students create their own pieces.

Presentation topics can be used as a guide for residencies.

Corn Husk Dolls Presentation (Grades 3+, 90-120 minutes)
Demonstrate how the Iroquois used parts of corn husks to create play dolls for their children. Children create their own corn husk dolls while they hear the story on why the Iroquois dolls have no faces. This presentation stresses the importance of keeping your word and being responsible for each other.

Talking Feather Presentation (Grades K+, 90 minutes)
Children use a talking feather as a visual cue on how to be respectful and a good listener while someone else is talking. The talking feather teaches children that there are many sides to a story and that it is important to listen to all sides. Children then create their own Talking Feather, adorning it with colors and shapes as symbols for their own stories to share.

Creating Native Friendship Bracelets on a Loom Workshop (Grades 6+, 120 minutes)
Based on the historical Two Row Wampum belt, students will create bracelets that replica the Two Row Wampum belt design, reminding the students that are all equal and able to live together peacefully.

Baskets Presentation (Grades 3–5, 120 minutes)
Teach younger children the history of the traditional basketry for native people with a contemporary twist by working in the 3rd dimension of art while sharing the cultural significance of baskets and the importance of recycling. Students create their own basket out of newspaper.

Turtle Island Presentation (Grades 3+, 120 minutes)
Using the Iroquois Creation Story, students learn about role of the turtle in Native culture and create a paper mache turtle. The presentation uses recycled materials and stresses the importance of being responsible by taking care of Mother Earth.

Iroquois Jewelry and Metal Smith (Grades 6+, 4 sets of 60 minutes)
Students create an Iroquois inspired design on a pendent or brooch using either copper or silver and learn about positive and negative space using piercing, cutting, filing, shaping and polishing.

Maple Tree Presentation (Grades 3+, 120 minutes)
Students learn about the importance of the Maple Tree to Native people while creating a tree from paper mache.

Cultural Iroquois Design Presentation (Grades K-2, 45-90 minutes)
This presentation reinforces the importance for people to be thankful while learning the meanings of Iroquois symbols and Oneida Language. Using colored pencils, crayons, or paint, children create “Yaw^ko” (Oneida word for “thank you”) cards with Iroquois designs.


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