Dollars for Art Grant Program Overview

The Dollars for Art Program (DAP) was created in 1999 with a continuing grant from the Wisconsin Arts Board (WAB). DAP Grants are awarded for artistic endeavors and projects in both traditional and contemporary styles of visual arts, literature, music, theatre, and dance. DAP has funded over 266 arts projects to 130 unique artists, arts organizations, and community groups.

The Oneida Nation Arts Board (ONAP) awards the grants through the Dollars for Arts Program (DAP) program every year. The applicants are rated by a Peer Panel Review and funds are allocated by the Oneida Nation Arts Board based on the recommendations of the panel review.

The grants were awarded to community organizations and enrolled Oneida tribal members with funds provided by the Wisconsin Arts Board (WAB) and the Oneida Tribe of Indians of Wisconsin. The ONAB board distributes nearly $12,000 dollars ($6,000.00 from WAB and $6,000.00 in tribal contribution) for art projects that benefit the Oneida community. The DAP program policies can viewed here on the Oneida Nation's website: Chapter 128.

The grant application deadline year is Monday, May 24, 2021. The deadline and project activity are shortened this year due the Covid-19 pandemic and staff having been out on furlough.

  • Contact for More info about DAP applications and awards

    For more information about the Dollars for Arts Regranting Program contact
    Gabrielle Metoxen at 920-490-3835 or by email

The DAP Grant Making Process

  • Oneida Nation Arts Board Approval of Review Criteria
    The Oneida Nation Arts Board identifies and adopts application review criteria prior to the funding cycle. The approval review criteria is available to applicants and is used by all panelists during adjudication.
  • Notification of Grant
    All grant programs are announced in the Kalihwisaks, the Oneida tribal newspaper.
  • Technical Assistance
    ONAP is available to conduct workshops for individual artists and community groups in grant writing. ONAP is also available to assist in project development. Please call for appointments. 920-490-3831.
  • Prior to Application
    All applicants are required to discuss project ideas with ONAP staff prior to application. ONAP will keep a record of applicants who make contact.
  • Application Deadlines
    Due Date Applications are due in the office by 4:30 p.m. by hand delivery, or postmarked on the due date. Applications are received and reviewed by staff for eligibility as stated in the application guidelines; ineligible applications will be returned.
  • Peer Panelists
    Panelists are recruited by the ONAP staff and board. A list of potential panelists with varying expertise and backgrounds are approved by Oneida Nation Arts Board (ONAB) prior to granting cycle. When ONAP receives applications, staff will select panelists with appropriate expertise and limited conflicts of interest from the board approval list.
  • Notification of Panel Meeting
    All applicants receive notification of the day, time and location of the panel meeting at least one week prior to the meeting date. All meetings are open to the general public.
  • Application Review
    The peer panel reviews each application using the guideline review criteria. Applicants for the Artists Development Grant and the Community Awards are strongly encouraged to attend the panel meeting. Peer panelists may ask applicants for the Artists Development Grant and the Community Awards some questions pertaining to the review criteria. The applicants may make a 5 minute presentation on their proposed projects.
  • Application Rating
    Individual panelists rate and score each application on its own merit using the review criteria. The Panelist's scores are tabulated and a final composite score is given for each application for the Artists Development Grant and the Community Awards. The scores for the Oneida Fellowships are based solely on the strength of the application and the submitted artistic documentation.
  • Oneida Nation Arts Board (ONAB) Approval
    ONAB determines funding awards based on panel's recommendations.
  • Notification of Awards
    All applicants are notified of award or denial. Applicants who were funded will receive a contract and other materials.
  • Appeal Process
    All appeals must be made in writing to the Oneida Nation Arts Board within 30 days of notification.
  • Payment of Grant Award
    Applicants who are funded must return signed contracts, vouchers, and other required materials. After receipt of the paperwork, 75% of the award amount is released. The remaining 25% is released upon submission of the final report.
  • Public Programs & Credits
    All funded activities are open to the public and the Oneida Nation Arts Program and the Wisconsin Arts Board are given recognition in either written materials or in public display.
  • Final Grant Report
    Final grant report is due 30 days after project is complete.
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Grant Types

Oneida Fellowship Application and Final Report

A $1,000 cash award may be given to an Oneida artist for artistic excellence. There is a maximum of one Fellowship available per fiscal year. Prospective applicants who have received a Fellowship from ONAP in the last 3 years or received an Artist Development Award in the current fiscal year are not eligible. Application deadline: Monday, May 24, 2021.

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Community Grant Application and Final Report

Available to community groups or tribal programs for arts projects that are new and innovative or significantly enhanced an existing program in the Oneida community. Application deadline: Monday, May 24, 2021.

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Artist Development Application and Final Report

Available to artists who have identified a special project that will enhance their professional development and benefit the Oneida community. Application deadline: Monday, May 24, 2021.

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Previous DAP Award Recipients


Artist Development Award

  • Wanda Anton: $1,500 Artist Development Award for working with community members, mentors, families, and students in creating and sewing their own outfits.

Community Award

  • Green Bay Civic Symphony: $3,000 Community Award for a special composition project with Brent Michael Davids, Dustin Skenandore, and local high school students in composing works for symphony orchestras.
  • Artists for Humanity: $2,500 Community Award to use visual storytelling through drawings, painting, and creative writing for veterans dealing with posttraumatic stress disorder, depression, and addictions.
  • Dreams Alive: $1,690 Community Award for supplies for the raised beadwork groups community projects.

Oneida Fellowship

  • Louis Clark, III: $1,000 Oneida Fellowship for excellence in creative writing and poetry.


Artist Development Award

  • Judy Jourdan: $1,200 Artist Development Award to move out of her comfort zone toward developing skills in watercolor painting by taking a watercolor workshop from award winning professional artist, Fabio Cembranelli. She will also have an exhibit featuring seasonal paintings of Oneida.
  • Fred Muscavitch: $1,300 Artist Development Award to memorialize specialized Oneida words and nuances of the Oneida language by collecting existing words for specific types of birds, fish, trees, etc that are not included in the Maria Hinton and Mercie Doxtator dictionaries by meeting with fluent speakers in Canada and New York. TURNED BACK FUNDS BUT COMPLETED PROJECT
  • Dustin Skenandore: $1,500 Artist Development Award to start his own You Tube channel for his musical performances and provide tutorials, advice and reviews for a broad range of age groups and skill levels..
  • Coleen Bins: $1,000 Artist Development Award to restore a 600 seat woodland amphitheater behind her store in Egg Harbor and continue the traditions of regular entertaining an educational programs featuring Native American storytelling, singing and dancing. DID NOT ACCEPT

Oneida Fellowship

  • Judy Skenandore:$1,000 Oneida Fellowship for excellence in basketry in both contemporary and traditional baskets.

Community Award

  • Twashe?nutslu.nihe? Oneida Basket Guild: $4,034 Community Award for outreach programs to host a basket weaving project for teens and adults at the Oneida Museum. Another project is to make and deliver baskets to elders wh are shut-ins. Guild members will hire expert basket weavers to teach the membership new techniques to share with the community.


Artist Development Award

  • Wanda Anton: $2,500 Artist Development Award for working with community members, mentors, families, and students in creating and sewing their own outfits.
  • April Jordan: $5,300 Artist Development for bringing Rosemary Hill to Oneida to teach the beading circle new patterns.

Community Award

  • Twashe?nutslu.nihe? Oneida Basket Guild: $4,200 Community Award for outreach programs.


Artist Develoment Award

  • Wanda Anton: $1,880 Artist Development Award – to have high school students from last year’s sewing project mentor new students in this year’s sewing project. Students will make traditional clothing and display their completed outfits at a fashion show in conjunction with the Woodland Indian Art Show
  • April Jordan: $4,031 Artist Development Award: to bring Rosemary Hill, master Iroquois raised bead artist, to teach community members how to incorporate beading techniques into their own designs and patterns in order to teach others in the future.

Community Award

  • Twashe?nutslu.nihe? Basket Guild: $3,360 Community Award: to provide field baskets to the Wisconsin Indian Veterans Association (WIVA) to be filled with food donations for families with an unmet need. The guild will also provide a basket weaving workshop for the Multicultural Center of Greater Green Bay which includes families from the Oneida community. In addition, they will hire expert basket weavers to teach the membership new techniques to share with the community.


Artist Development

  • Brent Michael David: $2,143 Artist Development Award to compose 4 original Oneida: language choral works to be included in “Songs for American Indian Youth Chorus”.
  • Sandra Gauthier: $2,500 Artist Development Award to bring Rosemary Hill, master Iroquois raised beadworker to teach raised beading techniques and pattern making to intermediate and advanced beaders.
  • Ken Metoxen: $5,039 Artist Development Award toward the first International Potters’Symposium connecting ancient pottery techniques and designs of indigenous people from around the world. TURNED BACK FUNDS

Community Award

  • Artists for the Humanities: $1,360 Community Award toward the “Return & Recovery Program”, using expressive art and mental health counseling for military veterans suffering post:traumatic stress disorder and other mental health issues.
  • College of Menominee Nation: $2,137 Community Award to perform an original Native Play written and acted by Native students.
  • Northeast Wisconsin Dance Organization (NEWDO): $2,321 Community Award to bus ONES students to the Meyer Theatre for a special performance of the Nutcracker Ballet and lecture. Tickets for the weekend performances are also made available to community members.
  • Twashe?nutslu.nihe? Oneida Basket Guild: $2,340 Community Award to provide field baskets for Oneida Food Distribution and/or community pantries to be filled and given to their clients at Christmas. They will also share basket making techniques and demonstrate the functional uses of cultural baskets through an exhibit in the Oneida community.

Oneida Fellowship

  • Judith Jourdan: $1,000 Oneida Fellowship for excellence in creating soft sculptural dolls.

Fiscal Year 2013

Artist Development

  • Carmen Escamea, Drum Workshop
  • Loretta Webster, Research Iroquois Raised beading
  • Betty Willems, Iroquois Raised Beadwork

Community Awards

  • College of Menominee Nation, Native Play
  • Northeast Wisconsin Dance Org, Nutcracker Ballet, & special morning performance for Oneida Nation Elementary School
  • Twashe?nutslu·nìhe? Basket Guild, Mentoring the Next Generation

Oneida Fellowship

  • Douglas Limon, Bead Work
  • Loretta Webster, Raised Bead Work

Fiscal Year 2012

Artist Development

  • Judith Jourdan: $2,193
    To bring Rosemary Hill to Oneida for intermediate and advanced raised bead working classes.
  • Gabrielle Barutha: $844
    To continue studying at the Milwaukee Ballet School.

Community Award

  • Oneida Museum: $1,443
    To bring an exhibit by Samuel Thomas of raised bead work to Oneida.
  • College of Menominee Nation: $1,270
    To write and perform theatrical pieces
  • Twashe?nutslu.nihe? Basket Guild: $1,951
    To support making gift baskets for elders and bring master basket makers to Oneida.
  • Northeastern Dance Organization: $2,525
    To support Oneida youth involved with the production of the Nutcracker Ballet and to provide tickets to the elementary school and community.


  • Sandra Gauthier (raised beadwork): $500
  • Louis Clark (creative writing): $500

All Previous Recipients

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