Kanithotiysa Latiwythtas Ukwehuwehnha: KLU Program
This program is postponed until further notice due the Covid-19 crisis

klu flyer The Kanithotiysa Latiwaythtas Ukwehuwehnha (KLU) is a one-to-one Oneida language program. KLU is an Oneida phrase that means "young people learning our ways." KLU Offers Small Group Lessons

The KLU program was inspired by the "Music from Our Culture" (MOC) program sponsored by the Oneida Nation Arts Program. KLU is for children to learn a good foundation of Oneida culture, music, and language. It includes private and small group lessons in preparation for the Oneida Social Dance and celebrations featuring the KLU student.

The program is free of cost based upon completion of program and student’s social celebration. Some of the KLU students participated in Friendship Concerts at local schools and other gatherings in Green Bay and Oneida, WI this past school year. They also demonstrated what they learned in KLU by hosting small Social Dance gatherings for their families and friends. Watch this informative video about the music program.

The advanced KLU students may travel this year to present KLU Friendship Concerts. In these peformances, the KLU students share what they're learned including Oneida language, culture and history, and Iroquois Social Dances and Music.

Arts Program staff are on furlough for the time being.

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