Mark Denning E wak ken "Wherever there is a fog”Mark Denning

Artist: Mark Denning

Email: Mark Denning

About the Artist
“There is a ‘fog’ through which American society perceives Native Americans. I want to help lift this fog by sharing ideas with children that they aren’t normally exposed to such as Native value systems, our history, our contributions to America, and our commonality with all people.” In an atmosphere conducive to opening hearts and minds, Mark engages the students by encouraging questions and participation. An Oneida/Menominee Indian born on the Menominee Reservation, Mark uses humor, storytelling, and dance to challenge stereotypes and help students better understand American Indians, past, present, and future.

SEEDS Artist Rates
4-Day Residency (4-full days, 5 hours min. each day) $1,500.00
Full Day Workshops Rate (5 hours min.) $400.00
Assembly/Large Group Performance (45-90 min., 150+ students) $500.00
2nd Assembly/Large Group Performance (back-to-back, 45-90 min., 150+ students) $150.00

Can apply for performance(s) or residency, but not both.

Cost to School/Non-profit Organization

  1. Any negotiated amount exceeding SEEDS grant eligible rate.
  2. Lodging—If more than 60 miles from program site
  3. Mileage—If more than 20 miles from Milwaukee 
  4. Supplies, If needed

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