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The Oneida Nation Arts Program (ONAP) was awarded a grant from the First Nations Development Institute in the Native Arts Initiative (NIA) category in 2019. The NAI grant program supports Native-hands from older to younger generationsled nonprofit organizations and tribal programs who are operating to support emerging and established Native artists and sustain traditional Native arts.

Our goal, with this grant award, is to provide a series of Master Artist workshops for our local artisans to work with and be inspired by distinguished Native American artists in the fields of Silver-work, Pottery and Basketry.

By fostering our local artists with skills, tools, tips, and vision, the Master Artists will transfer a depth and breadth of traditional arts and culture that we hope to see bloom here within the next twenty years. We'll guide our local apprentice artists toward establishing an artist portfolio and a business plan in their chosen art forms. We also hope to see a strong network of Master Artists and apprenticeship artists learning and growing together, and creating a strong base of Iroquois artists 20 years from now.

Master Artists in Silver Workshops 2019

sheldon gibson

Sheldon Gibson, was raised on the Onondaga Nation territory. He is a member of the wolf clan. His body of work is based primarily on his heritage, including contemporary design.

Currently he is working doing custom pieces for individuals interested in the Iroquois style of pierced metal and the use of negative space in Sterling Silver and Gold.

The deadline to apply for apprenticeship is Feb. 15, 2019. His Master Artist workshop begins on March 2, 2019, and will feature a silver bracelet with wampum inlays.

steven l. chrisjohn

Steven L. Chrisjohn is a graduate of the Institute of American Indian Arts. He's an Oneida Indian. He is a talented but humble artist and skilled in silver work, sculptures, and carving.

His silver work is inspired by Iroquois traditional designs. He creates both traditional and contemporary silver jewelry.

The deadline to apply for apprenticeship is Feb. 15, 2019. His Master Artist workshops begins on April 24, 2019 and will feature men's silver jewelry.

dan hill

Dan Hill, member of the Heron Clan of the Cayuga Nation. is the caretaker of the Cayuga SHARE farm near Union Springs, NY.

When he's not busy with farming and educational environmental work, Dan creates beautiful traditional Iroquois silver brooches. He is also a flute maker and flautist and artist.

The deadline to apply for apprenticeship is Feb. 15, 2019. His Master Artist workshops begins on May 28, 2019 and features silver pendants with wampum shell inlays.


Master Pottery Artists Workshops 2019

richard zane smith

Richard Zane Smith believes strongly that "art" is not extracurricular but rather it is foundational to healthy society and that without art, society is without heart and soul. He uses Wyandot language, storytelling, singing and ceramics as a method of healing within his community ... He also teaches ceramic courses to adults.

“Richard is gifted in language, music, dance, storytelling, carving and more, all of which he utilizes to uplift others, inspire pride in heritage, and increase spiritual growth and understanding.” - Sallie Cotter Andrews, nominator.

(from "Richard Zane Smith." First Peoples Fund. Accessed April 01, 2019. See images of his work here: http://bit.ly/2JSN4fw ).

peter b. jones

Peter B. Jones is a clay artist of the Onondaga tribe in New York State. Returning to his homeland in 1977 after studies at the Institute of American Indian Art, he has worked to bring Iroquois (Haudenosaunee) pottery back to life in his home communities.

These pots reflect what was originally made with clay gathered from stream beds and altered with the addition of crushed shell, crushed granitic rock and sand to create a clay body that was useful and durable after it was fired.

Peter works with all of the Six Nations Iroquois communities.

from "Peter B. Jones." First Peoples Fund. Accessed April 01, 2019. See images of his work here:
http://bit.ly/2FIxY75 ).

brenda hill

Brenda Hill, Tuscarora and Choctaw, is an award winning, contemporary Native American potter who practices traditional techniques in order to create clay forms influenced by the past and present. Her current work incorporates aspects from historic Haudenosaunee wampum belts, beadwork, and pottery. She uses wampum in her clay work as a way to pay homage to this centuries old form of communication for the Haudenosaunee. It reflects the understanding of our relationship with the natural world, there was no waste when harvesting from the earth & waters ...

(from "Brenda Hill - Tuscarora/Choctaw Pottery." Onyxswan Gallery. Accessed April 01, 2019.

The workshops with the Master Pottery Artists are free for community artists with experience in pottery. Applications are reviewed by staff and will be selected based upon experience and commitment. Apprentices register for one or all three workshops with Richard Zane Smith (May 19-23, 2019), Peter Jones (June 10-13, 2019), and Brenda Hill (September 9-12, 14, 2019).

Master Basket-making Workshops

Coordinated and presented by the Oneida Basket Guild in 2019.



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