Native Writers Workshops

Becoming a Native Arts Critic

In the upcoming Spring Native Writers Workshop series, writers will learn the craft of art criticism using history and culturally sensitive methods. Native writers can support native artists by informing audiences about deeper meanings and cultural significance. Each Native community has its Native Art Market, whether it’s a public one or an underground one that Native writers can also explore and promote through their art critiques.

The Oneida Nation Arts Program (ONAP) was awarded a grant from the First Nations Development Institute under its Native Arts Capacity Building Initiative (NACBI) to sponsor the Spring Native Writers Workshops. The grant is made possible through generous support from the Margaret A. Cargill Foundation.

There are three sessions in the Spring Native Writers Workshops on three different Saturdays: April 16th, April 30th, and May 14th. Each session will be from 10:00am to 2:00pm and includes a light lunch. Registration is free. heather ahtone

Heather Ahtone is a curator at the Fred Jones Jr. Museum of Art at the University of Oklahoma. In a recent article, she states “Each tribal culture has local ideals, values, and beliefs that necessarily require consideration. These can be incorporated into a larger framework that allows for discussion of the art in a broader continental manner, which I assert can be useful in understanding the Indigenous aesthetic,” (Wicazo Sa Review, Spring , 2012).

Ahtone is a featured guest speaker in the upcoming Spring Native Writers Workshop. On April 30th, she will present her program, "Designed to Last: Issues for Critical Discussion about American Indian Art” addressing the cultural aspects of Indigenous art.

During the series of workshops, the participants will do some writing exercises, peer reviews, and discuss the following points:

  • Defining Native aesthetic values about art
  • Understand and develop community standards about Native American art
  • Discuss methods on how to evaluate Native art
  • Promote Native Artists and increase patronage of Native American arts
  • Build a foundation of art history and critique regional Native American art and artists
  • Publish the art critiques of Native arts in the “YL Voices” online and bi-annual journal

Download the registration form. For more info about the Spring Native Writers Workshop, call (920) 490-3832.down arrow

Yukhika-latuhse "She Tells Us Stories"
Wisconsin’s Indigenous Peoples Voice in Arts and Culture

The Oneida Nation Arts Program is the publisher of Yukhika-latuhse (she tells stories). Download the latest issue of Yukhika, Volume 10, 2014. Visit the new Yukhika-Latuhse website for the latest edition.

Genres need: fiction (300-500 words), poetry (up to 50 lines), opinion essays (300-500 words), memoirs (300-500 words), current Arts and Culture reviews (300 words), feature articles (500-800 words) humorous contributions, photojournalism, and cartoons

DEADLINE: Bi-annually. Submit to ONAP at
Info: (920) 490-3832

Writer's Guidelines:
Entrant must be a Native American. Limit of three (3) entries per person. We only accept email submissions. We acquire first North American serial rights for works we publish. All rights revert to the author upon publication and may be reprinted, but we ask that we get acknowledgement as its place of initial publication.

Submission Guidelines:
Send submissions for review to Ryan Winn
Subject Line: Native Writers
Email Body: Must include: Writer's Name, Tribal Affiliation, Age, Mailing Address and Email Address.
Attachments: Upload file containing your work. Submissions must be uploaded as a doc, txt, or pdf file. Photos must submitted as jpg files. Any files that do not adhere to these guidelines will not be considered for publication.

If your work is accepted for publication, you will be notified by the editors via email and will receive instructions about the pre–publication process. Every accepted writer receives a copy of the journal after publication.

For more info, call Beth at (920) 490-3833. See the Yukhika-latuhse archives. Download the order form for  back issues of the journal.

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