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About the Oneida Youth Singers
The Oneida Youth Singers is an emerging professional children’s music group sponsored by the "Music from Our Culture," program and ONAP. Oneida community children learn their ancient tribal music, sung for thousands of years called Iroquois Social Songs. They also learn some of the Oneida Indian hymnal music sung and heard in the Oneida community for more than 200 years. Watch a video about the program.

Traditional Music
Using the water drum and cow horn rattles, children learn the "earth songs and dances" of the traditional Oneida people. They learn some Oneida language, Oneida songs and dances of including the Unity Dance, Cousins Dance and other participatory songs and dances.

Oneida Indian Hymns
The children also learn about the Oneida Indian Hymns. As early as the mid-1600s, missionaries from the Episcopal Church of England had visited the Iroquoian homelands of the Oneida in New York state. The Society of Friends visitors to the Oneida community noted the quality of their singing as early as 1795. And by 1835, there was a Christian hymnal written in Mohawk, a related language, intended for a capella singing. This singing tradition continues in Oneida, singing at funerals, tribal ceremonies, Oneida Youth Singersand other social occasions.

The Oneida Youth Singers do perform for small groups. For more info, contact Beth Bashara at (920) 490-3833, or send email.

The Oneida Youth Singers started with a grant from the Wisconsin Arts Board with funds from the State of Wisconsin and the National Endowment for the Arts.


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