Wade Fernandez : Wicwiwen Apis Mahwaew (Black Wolf)Wade Fernandez
Menominee Nation

Artist: Wade Fernandez

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About the Artist
With Menominee roots that extend well over 12,000 years to the land that is now called Wisconsin, Wade Fernandez, Wiciwen Apis-Mahwaew, has been sharing his musical art and respectfully representing the Menominee culture on stages and classrooms worldwide for over 25 years. As an enrolled member of the Menominee Nation, he lives on the reservation where he and his family both live a contemporary life; they gather and hunt the traditional foods in the forests of their ancestors and strive to live in a respectful, honorable, and sustainable way. Wade is an international award winning musician/recording artist/songwriter/producer who performs with voice, guitar, Native American flute, and hand drum. As a certified teacher with extensive educational experience in classroom, on the stage, and parenting (proud father of 5), Wade combines a wealth of experience, a warm personality, and a sense of humor that has kept students and audiences repeatedly inviting him back year after year.

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Performance & Residency Information
This is just a sample of programs offered. Wade has extensive experience working with all age groups and all programs may be altered to fit any age group.

Finding Your Voice Through The Native American Flute (Grade 5+, multi-day residency)
The Native American Flute is a therapeutic instrument that helps one to deeply express their emotions and innate music. Students learn how to play and improvise on the Native American Flute. No previous musical experience is necessary. This is usually a 4 day residency that culminates at the end of the week with students performing a concert with Wade for the school and community so the students may apply and share their newfound talents and build self-esteem. This residency can also be condensed as an in-service to help teachers think outside of the box and unleash their creative selves. Please note there are usually extra fees for flute purchase or rental, so please inquire directly with artist.

Menominee Culture, Storytelling, Music, Hands-On (Grades K-5)
Students can learn the following in discussion with teacher’s classroom needs and standards correlation: a Menominee game, wild rice harvesting & partake in dancing the rice, hear Menominee stories, Menominee Language, and Menominee music.

Menominee Culture, History, and Social Issues, A Multimedia Presentation (Grade 6-12)
This lecture that can include a multimedia presentation about Menominee culture, history, and social issues from the past to the present. Images of the Menominee people from the late 1800s to the present and videos may be used to create discussion with the class.

Music Workshop (All grades)
As an award winning professional touring musician who produced 9 CDs of his own, as well as others, this workshop is geared specifically for your music class. Topics may include: Native American music from the traditional to the contemporary, music business, how to deal with performance anxiety, music technology, guitar playing, songwriting, and careers in music.

Erasing Stereotypes Through Arts & Culture (Grades K-5)
This workshop breaks down stereotypes by teaching about Menominee and other Native American cultures, demonstrating how honoring and learning about yourself and others creates understanding which can lead to strong friendships. The class learns and participates in a round dance at the end to represent the coming together of all people on Mother Earth.

Wade is an award winning international touring contemporary American Indian performing artist and is available for concerts at your school. His school performances provide music, inspiration and awareness for youth. This enables them to recognize and honor their gift of life and talents by developing and sharing them with others on their pathway to a successful and healthy future.


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